Bún Bò Huế / Hue Style Vermicelli

Hue Style Vermicelli is one of the most famous Vietnamese food. It is originated  from Hue- an ancient capital of Viet Nam. The specialty of this food is the taste of spicy and lemongrass aroma. Hue Style Vermicelli is actually an interesting food that the spicy-ers are looking for and must try it once. There are so many different  Hue Style Vermicelli recipes between the chiefs; however if you want to try out the truly taste of the traditional  Hue Style Vermicelli bowl, Bun Viet Son is the best place to find the real  Hue Style Vermicelli.

Hue Style Vermicelli at Bun Viet Son mainly includes the essence of Hue’s culinary which is reputed for spicy food and herbal food. With the family receipt, Bun Viet Son commits that customers will be tasted the true flavor from the wonderful bowl of Hue Style Vermicelli like they are in Viet Nam.

Come and taste the real Vietnamese Hue Style Vermicelli.

Bun Viet Son.

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Bún Riêu Cua / Crab Meat, Minced Pork & Shrimp With Rice Vermicelli

Bun Rieu Cua (Vietnamese Crab Noodle Soup)  is one of favorite rice vermicelli soup in Vietnam. This noodle soup is originated from the North of Vietnam and has been famous around the country because of their special recipes. Mostly, it is served with fresh tomatoes, tofu, congealed’s pig’s blood, and minced crab cake. Bun Viet Son has created a traditional flavors broth and has brought Bun Rieu Cua becomes a greatest taste ever.

Let’s try Bun Rieu Cua at Bun Viet Son to enjoy the best family recipe.

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Phở / Beef Nodle Soup

Pho (Vietnamese Beef Noodle soup) has become the most popular noodle soup around the world. To Bun Viet Son, the taste of Pho must has a real savory flavor from the an authentic Vietnamese family recipe. All the Pho ingredients are carefully chosen that brings the purity of Pho cooking. The combination of beef flavor together with the freshness and aromatic of herbs will bring you to the absolute real taste of Pho in Vietnam.

This is all about the Pho at Bun Viet Son. The fragrant broth, the slightly chewy of noodles, the freshness and aromatic topping can melt you heart.

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Bun Viet Son is located at 6976 Synott Rd, Houston, TX 77083 The restaurant specially serves all the traditional authentic Vietnamese food, such as Hue Style Vermicelli, Pho, ect. Moreover, we also serve other specialty dishes for Vietnamese community who are deeply in love with home- style Vietnamese cooking.

Bun Viet Son is also a great place to celebrate parties that brings people together to have some fun and enjoy Vietnamese food. In addition, BVS has catering services to serve many occasional events and holidays.

Coming to Bun Viet Son, customer will receive an extraordinary services from friendly owner and staffs. Besides, customer can enjoy the home- style traditional cooking from an actual Hue family.


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